If you own or operate a small to mid-sized business, chances are you’re looking to be as efficient with your time and finances as possible. Taking advantage of little productivity and efficiency tweaks can save your company not only cold hard cash, but also time that could be used more productively in another way. Most businesses aren’t immune to little inefficiencies, but recent poll results show that addressing these seemingly benign habits can actually save between 20 and 30 percent of costs annually.

Here are four small tweaks you can make to your everyday operations that won’t cause too many growing pains but that will save your company millions in the long run.

1. Add anomaly detection to your supply chain
Using anomaly prediction systems can spot and catch issues early on, and even prevent bigger problems from occurring, potentially saving you millions if something were to go wrong. Implementing a software system to do this or outsourcing this detection can also free up your employees to focus on creating new products and services, not just spending all their time searching for fires to put out.

2. Eliminate any IT inefficiencies
An efficient IT system is essential for any small business, but due to the nature of the beast, many companies’ systems are especially prone to having efficiency issues. Instead of building onto existing systems as you grow and add departments, simplify your system and streamline it so that everyone is using the same thing across all departments.

3. Improve the accuracy of data insights
Data is everywhere these days, but making sure the data you have is robust enough and analyzed properly to gain the best and most valuable insights is essential for the strategies your company employs.

4. Encourage and increase communications between work silos
When data is separated and segregated between work silos, everyone loses. You’ll have a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry by collaborating and communicating with other departments in your company to compile data into one communal place where it can be viewed by everyone in the company.

Follow these steps and you’ll not only have a leg up over your competition, but you’ll be operating so much more efficiently within your business.

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