When you spend hours upon hours each work week sitting in front of your computer, chances are you occasionally do some outside-of-work personal tasks from your desk. And while most of the time this is totally fine, there are some tasks you should really never do from your work computer and should be saved for when you get home from the office.

Here is a list of six tasks you should never, ever do from your work computer.

1. Never save personal files to your work computer’s desktop Legally, your employer owns everything that is on your work computer.

2. Don’t visit any sites you wouldn’t show your boss

3. Don’t have personal conversations over Office Chat All those Slack messages get logged, so keep it professional!

4. Fight the urge to shop online With cookie-based advertising, evidence of your conference-call shopping spree might show up when you least expect it!

5. Don’t use your personal email You never know what a friend might send you, or you might accidentally invite a virus to the whole office network!

6. Don’t search for jobs at other companies This one might seem obvious, but especially if you have an open floor plan, you’ll want to avoid getting caught doing this!

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