About Us

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Woodlands National Technology is dedicated to our clients IT success by helping them managed their day to day operations, working with them on their online marketing, and all IT infrastructure management needs. The founders of Woodlands National Technology are established as technology leaders in their headquartered and fast growing area of Houston; The Woodlands, Texas.

Our Name

Woodlands: The home of our company is located in fasting growing The Woodlands Texas.

National: Headquartered in The Woodlands, our operations span across the country and even around the globe.

Technology: We focus on Managed IT, Online Marketing & IP Phones – our core business is Technology.

Our Services

Our team of technology professionals are well versed in Windows, Linux & all forms of IP Networking. In addition to our extended knowledged of office & data center based technologies, we provide vast expertise in guiding our clients in growing their web presence both through traditional and non-traditional marketing methods to focus on growth.

Our Careers

To join our ever expanding team of technology professionals is not an easy task nor is the work associated with Woodlands National Technology. We only hire the best IT professionals and our hiring process can span over many months, with more than 10 interactions before a job offer is extended. When interviewing with candidates, they can expect to participate in personality tests and rigorous technical skill evaluations as part of the interviewing process. What makes us different in our hiring process is that we look at more than just technical skills to assess if a candidate would be an asset to our team.

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Our Partners

Our commitment to superior customer satisfaction is frequently centered around the hardware, software and third-party services we provide to our customers. Thus selecting the best partners are one of my most important aspects of our business and one item we hold true to.

Our Affiliations

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