Who doesn’t want to be a better communicator? Communication is key when it comes to growing your business, both within your company among your colleagues and when corresponding with your customers. Words are powerful and choosing the right ones when we speak and write can make a big difference.

Here are 25 words we should banish from our vocabulary and choose better alternatives for when it comes to communicating in business.

1. Actually Stop being the one who is constantly correcting everyone.

2. But This word is guaranteed to make people forget the first part of your sentence.

3. Assume This word means you didn’t listen to what people are actually saying.

4. Disrupt So overused by startups, this word practically has no meaning anymore.

5. Dude Leave this one back at the college dorm.

6. Fault If you’re worrying about whose fault something is, you’re focusing on the wrong issue.

7. Fine. This word is attached to so much negativity, it’s best to be avoided.

8. F#$K Some offices are OK with profanity, but it’s best to be sure your co-workers are comfortable with it before letting F-bombs fly.

9. Guys This can be a hard one to break, but as most offices have plenty of women and non-binary people who work there, it can be off-putting to some.

To see the rest of the list, read the full article here (https://goo.gl/CcExPY)

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