If your company is still relying on an old-school landline, it might be time for a change. You probably already know that VoIP phone service is cheaper than your traditional phone-company landline, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages over a landline.

Here are ten features of VoIP phone service that a landline can’t match.

1. You can take your phone number with you anywhere you go, it’s not tethered to a physical location.

2. You don’t need an actual phone to make calls. You can also use your laptop, tablet, or another Internet-enabled device.

3. Costs are considerably lower in the competitive market of Internet-enabled phone systems.

4. International rates are some of the lowest around, and you can get a “local” number in another country without leaving your office.

5. Most services offer free voicemail transcription in the form of emails or texts.

6. You can mark telemarketers as spam and screen through their calls.

7. You can also automatically forward calls to voicemail without ringing your phone at all if you are on a deadline or otherwise unable to take calls.

8. Even if you are on the other line, calls to a single VoIP number can ring on multiple phones, depending on how you’ve assigned the number.

9. Easily transfer the call to another phone while you’re still on the call without disruption, such as going from an office phone to your cell phone.

10. You can also route your phone calls to another number if you’re traveling but need someone else to manage your calls while you’re unable to.

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