When you think about making and receiving phone calls for your business, chances are you envision using a traditional handset to do this. But with a VoIP system, there are many more options available.

1. Network Speaker
Useful for security purposes, you can use your IP handset and call the address of the speaker to broadcast your voice over the speaker right from your phone.

2. Smartphone or Handheld Radio
You can communicate with someone via an app on their phone or over a handheld radio using the same remote communication technology right from your phone!

3. Video Analytics
Another great solution for security or surveillance, when no one is at your location, you can program your video system to play a pre-recorded message when they detect motion on the cameras using your VoIP system.

4. Network Door System
This works well when you have a secure door that needs to be activated to open. In the same fashion, you can remotely operate the locking mechanism with your IP service.

5. RoIP
This stands for Radio over Internet Protocol and translates radio signals to be delivered over a VoIP phone or speaker.

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